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Random Tidbits

The other day we had the goats out in the yard, and they started running toward us just as Henry started running to the trampoline and right across their path.  Emily yelled “Henry!  Look out!”  Henry panicked and hit the … Continue reading

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The plants we planted yesterday don’t look so good, and we don’t know why.  The stems are still looking okay, but the leaves are shriveled and/or brown.  It’s almost like they froze, but it didn’t get below freezing last night.  … Continue reading

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First plants in

Today we planted the first things in the garden. Two tomato plants – a celebrity and something else more heirloomy, can’t remember the name. An orange bell pepper plant. 3 pumpkin plants on one hill.  They say good for jack … Continue reading

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I brought my hay over to Nora’s and her horses loved it.  It ended up being three trailer loads!

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More Mowing

Today I mowed some of the really tall grass on the other side of the barn and along our road.  At first I found it hard to maneuver the tractor with the sickle bar, so I ended up missing spots … Continue reading

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We have big beautiful ripe blueberries in the Northern section of our field!  Delia and I picked some immature ones a week or two ago, but this afternoon I rode the 4 wheeler up there through the VERY tall grass) … Continue reading

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