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Christmas 2012

On the drive down to Crystal Lake a few days ago, I realized it feels like time is going by way too fast. I’m going to try to post more often in an attempt to slow it down, remember more, … Continue reading

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Random Tidbits

The other day we had the goats out in the yard, and they started running toward us just as Henry started running to the trampoline and right across their path.  Emily yelled “Henry!  Look out!”  Henry panicked and hit the … Continue reading

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I really need to work on this site more! Delia and I spent Thurs – Sat on Basswood Lake with our neighbors.  The weather was pretty bad but we had a good time and Delia wanted to stay out another … Continue reading

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The weather since we’ve been back has been amazingly warm.  It’s nice that we’re having an early spring, but it cut snowmobiling season short, and I only got one short ride in.  Emily rode with me for the first time … Continue reading

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Long Update

Things have been busy and the kids stay up really late these days, so I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to write stuff.  This has been a very eventful summer!  In May we got Cowboy, and then … Continue reading

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Pinch Yourself

The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect, there’s no big wind.  Geese visit in the pond and honk when we get close.  Cowboy the pony is a pony!  In our yard!  Delia’s building – a stool out of wood, … Continue reading

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Spring is finally starting.  The snow is all gone in some spots but still deep where it drifted up.  Our chickens have mysteriously stopped laying eggs.  A few are molting which makes them slow down, but we were getting zero … Continue reading

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What’s happening around here lately:

Chickens are all together in an mostly finished coop, completely with little chicken chute tunnel to get through the fence into the run!  We have a bulb on a timer so we’re getting 5-7 eggs a day (from 11 hens) … Continue reading

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My First Time Was Awesome!

Yes – I’ve never done it before, can you believe it?  Sunday I did it for three hours and this afternoon for over an hour. OK – that’s about as far as I can take that.  This is a family … Continue reading

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Brace yourselves…

I got my hair cut.  I love it.  I can’t believe I waited so long.   Also, see Delia’s site for a report and pictures of her first camping trip. (The username and password to get to the pictures are … Continue reading

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