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Llama Salon

Brad’s nails had gotten out of control.  They were really long and curled around and it was getting to the point where he was going to be crippled if they weren’t trimmed.  The problem is he’s touchy about his legs, … Continue reading

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Dump Shopping

Emily and I went to the dump today, and literally took more than we dumped.  We came home with some good 2×6 boards that will be great for a restraining chute for Brad so we can cut his nails (he’s … Continue reading

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The weather since we’ve been back has been amazingly warm.  It’s nice that we’re having an early spring, but it cut snowmobiling season short, and I only got one short ride in.  Emily rode with me for the first time … Continue reading

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Woah Sancho!

We have another horse visiting, and had an adventure with him on the first day!  He got dropped off Thursday evening, and we just put him in the paddock with Cowboy.  They got along great, we gave them some treats, … Continue reading

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What happens when it’s this cold…

It’s been really cold.  Really, really cold.  Highs below zero for several days with nighttime lows in the 30s and 40s below.   The all-time unofficial low temperature in Embarrass was reached on February 2, 1996 at -64°F. More recently, Embarrass … Continue reading

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We got some.  It’s hard to say how much because of all the drifting, but it’s substantial.  The plow came this morning and nicely cleared one side of our driveway right to the garage door.  I shoveled away the rest … Continue reading

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Wood Boiler

We got some new firewood this week and we’ve had a hard time burning it.  It’s not the dryest wood in the world, and I figured that was why, but yesterday and today I couldn’t even keep a fire going … Continue reading

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More Mowing

Today I mowed some of the really tall grass on the other side of the barn and along our road.  At first I found it hard to maneuver the tractor with the sickle bar, so I ended up missing spots … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved – Blackie is Broody

We figured it out.  Blackie has been sitting on 14 eggs inside my 1970 Panther 303.    She’s gone broody.  None of the eggs are hers, but I guess the other hens have been going in there to lay periodically … Continue reading

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Blackie The Chicken

The chickens have been out almost every day because Blackie the Australorp tends to jump the fence, and if one is out, they may as well all be out.  Blackie has been separating from the other two lately, and usually … Continue reading

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