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Henry Crawled

He crawled in his hands and knees about 2 feet over to his farm toy!

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Brianna, Eli, Ian and Taelan (Eli’s cousin) came over today.  They brought stuff for turkey pesto sandwiches, and cantaloupe so we had a nice lunch and then the kids played, looked at the kittens, jumped on the trampoline, and ran … Continue reading

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4 Wheeler Ride

Delia and I went on about a 25 mile 4 wheeler ride today! She did great, and either she had a lot of fun, or she did a good job faking it for my sake. We rode on the Stony … Continue reading

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Cat Farmers

This year’s crop of cats is harvested! Turns out Blackie is a mom too. I was out putting the safety chains on my new trailer, and I heard the now-familiar “mew mew mew” coming from Marty’s boat, which is also … Continue reading

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Delia The Guardian

She woke up and immediately went down to be with the kittens, and she’s been down there ever since. She even ate her breakfast down there.

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This morning we woke up really early, and there was a beautiful fog covering everything, as often happens. We’ve been trying to think of a name for our little farm, and Emily immediately said “How about Misty Morning Farm”? I … Continue reading

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September 25, 2007

I slept in while Ryan had the kids this morning. Henry has decided to nap less lately, which is perturbing. I got up around 11 and did a little work and then took the kids to Babbitt. First to the … Continue reading

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Trip to Ely

We set an alarm for this morning because ECFE started at 9 AM in Ely.¬† Of course it woke us up and we had to wake both kids (they never wake early on days we need to get up early … Continue reading

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Mowing With The Tractor!

There are two cats that live in the barn, named Snowy and Blacky by the Stages (previous owners). With names like that, you can imagine what they look like. Blacky, in addition to being black, is fluffy, and Snowy, in … Continue reading

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A Nice Saturday

The kids woke up very early, about 6:30 AM, and Emily the saint got up with them and let me sleep. She even made an excellent breakfast of eggs and sausage. After breakfast, I headed outside with Delia and Henry, … Continue reading

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