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4 Wheeler Ride

I drove up to Ely this morning to pick up Bryan in order to move some stuff out of storage.  We got his sled to his house, and two boxes of potties to ours.  After we unloaded the potties, we … Continue reading

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Fowl Update

The chickens are spending more time in their run (not their idea), which I outfitted with some deer netting over the top to keep Foghorn from escaping.  We’re keeping them in there more often so that we can let the … Continue reading

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Equine News

Delia went to Black Birch Ranch today.  She started on Cowboy, then became the first person ever to ride another young pony named Deevers!  She did a great job.  After that, Emily got to ride a full-sized horse named Ernie, … Continue reading

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Traveling: Wedding #1

Why does it take so many days to prepare to leave? And then we still often leave a day later than we originally plan. And still don’t get everything done before we go. This time we planned on leaving Thursday … Continue reading

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Chris and Thea Visit

Chris and Thea came up this past week to park their camper at their land. On the way up the camper’s skylight broke. After several aborted attempts at repairing it, we found a metal paint tray at L&M which Chris … Continue reading

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Fun, work, tired!

More rain off and on all day today.  Henry woke at 7 am.  Delia slept until 10 am.  When I realized Delia wasn’t going to be up in time to go to ECFE, I called in to say we weren’t … Continue reading

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Chris, Thea, Louisa, and Morganna

Chris emailed us Saturday night to tell us he was connected to our wireless network and that they were parked by the barn.  They brought their trailer camper with them, and when we woke up Sunday it was still there, … Continue reading

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Chicken Run progress

Today was rainy, but we went out in between showers to finish pounding in the posts for the new chicken run.  Our neighbor Marty (not the previous owner Marty) and Isaac rode by on their quad just in time.  Isaac … Continue reading

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Riding Duke, Babbitt ECFE, Waasa Town Meeting

We had a busy day today. We were all up by 8 or so. I started labeling packages to be shipped out – my shipping software had been unavailable for over a day and I had lots of orders to … Continue reading

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My Tractor

I love my tractor. I had fun with it at our land, but when things went wrong out there it was a pain to fix them since I didn’t have easy access to my tools. Plus, there wasn’t a whole … Continue reading

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