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Today we went out to give it one last shot to get the truck down here.  We failed.  It still wouldn’t start.  I tried jumping over the starter relay (even though I can hear that it’s working), and all it … Continue reading

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Roasted Chickens and Evicted Kittens

Today I put an ad on Trader Craig and also in the Ely Shopper for free kittens, and Blackie and Snowy are both spayed now, so it’s time for them to move back into the barn. We figured they’d be … Continue reading

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We had a great Thanksgiving.  We built a fire and Emily made stuffing, sweet potatoes, and green bean casserole, and I made a turkey breast on the grill.  While we were getting the food ready, we watched the Packers game, … Continue reading

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Today we are thankful for

BRETT FAVRE!!  381 yards.  20 straight completions. Delia drew a picture of him and then wrapped it up and wants to send it to him.

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Meanwhile in the house…

Delia is sick.  But sort of only at night.  The past 3 nights she’s, uh, no good way to put this really… had diarrhea in her pants and thrown up.  First night she was up 3 times.  Last night she … Continue reading

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Violence doesn’t solve anything, but violence plus WD-40 does!

I’ve been soaking the column that raises and lowers the head of the saw for a few weeks now.  Every time I go out to the garage and walk by it, I spray a little more WD-40 on it, and … Continue reading

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Delia has quite a cold, and her voice is very hoarse, but we got 2-3 inches of snow this morning and we weren’t going to keep her from riding her Kitty Cat! I got it running last night after the … Continue reading

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Delia and I went to Virginia today to get her a pair of used figure skates for her first skating lesson on Friday!  Pics and a report will follow for sure.  She’s been wearing them around the living room all … Continue reading

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Kittens Do The Darndest Things

These kittens. I just heard a disturbance coming from the kitten room, so I went down to investigate. As soon as I opened the door, it was like popcorn in there. Half of them dash to the door and try … Continue reading

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The Packers are 7-1!! They pulled off an awesome win today and Brett played brilliantly. We had a really fun day today. This morning I worked on cleaning up the basement a bit after the big flood. After that I … Continue reading

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