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Delia’s Skating Show!

Here’s the movie!

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The chickens are laying again! I just went out to feed them and saw that poor Foghorn had some nasty frostbite on his comb.  I went in the coop to check their heater and saw several eggs in the nesting … Continue reading

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Enjoy a few Brett Favre Moments

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Ups and Downs

Lucy has lost a lot of weight over the past few weeks. She’s acting fine, but she’s just skin and bones. No matter what we feed her, she doesn’t put on any weight. At first we assumed she had parasites … Continue reading

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Dump and Winter Fun

Delia and I had a super fun day today.  First we went to the dump.  This was actually really fun for two reasons: 1) Using my custom made dump trailer, I got rid of 1/3 of a ton of garbage … Continue reading

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