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Life Is Good

I’m sitting outside on the drive working, Delia is hammering nails, Henry is asleep in the stroller, the chickens are scratching around, Snowy the cat is playing, and everything is great. It’s 50 degrees, only a slight breeze, and not … Continue reading

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Waterfowl Watch

The pond froze over the weekend, but it’s about 1/2 open this morning.  Three geese and four ducks shared the open water this morning.

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It looks like we got about 5″ as of 7:30 tonight, and it was still coming down. Delia rode her Kitty Cat today and I plowed our driveway with the tractor. It worked out pretty well! I’m starting to get … Continue reading

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An inch

We have about an inch so far and it’s still coming down but not very hard.  They’re saying 1-3 today.  Phew!  That’s not bad at all.

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Still No Snow

A good layer of ice, but no snow, and the radar is pretty clear.  We were supposed to have 6″ by now.  Maybe we dodged it.

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Whole Lotta Poultry

We now have two pairs of ducks frequenting our pond. First we had a pair of mallards, and then a pair of buffleheads. The buffleheads are neat because they dive underwater like loons. It’s fun to watch them disappear and … Continue reading

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A Very Profound Worm

When I was out the other day digging our little stream from the sump pump output to the pond (more later), I asked Delia if she’d like to feed the worms I kept finding to the chickens. We took a … Continue reading

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No real snow yet

It rained all afternoon but stayed just above freezing.  Now it’s starting to get just a bit white but it’s mostly slush.  There’s about 3/4″ of slush covering everything.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and only get a few inches.  I … Continue reading

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10-15″ of snow. I’m not kidding.

Statement as of 4:17 AM CDT on April 25, 2008 … Winter Storm Warning in effect from noon today to 6 am CDT Saturday… The National Weather Service in Duluth has issued a Winter Storm Warning… which is in effect … Continue reading

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Chick Died

I put her down a few minutes ago.  It was clear she wasn’t going to make it, and she had wasted away to nothing and had no energy or strength at all.  I kept trying to sort of force-feed her … Continue reading

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