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Coop Update

I’ve been working a lot on the coop – mostly at night. I have the two side walls done, the front about 70% done, and half the pieces of the back cut and ready to be assembled. I made a … Continue reading

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Blackie’s Broodiness: Broken

It didn’t take much.  I guess just removing the eggs was enough.  She was back to normal today, and went into the coop by herself at night.

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Mystery Solved – Blackie is Broody

We figured it out.  Blackie has been sitting on 14 eggs inside my 1970 Panther 303.    She’s gone broody.  None of the eggs are hers, but I guess the other hens have been going in there to lay periodically … Continue reading

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Blackie The Chicken

The chickens have been out almost every day because Blackie the Australorp tends to jump the fence, and if one is out, they may as well all be out.  Blackie has been separating from the other two lately, and usually … Continue reading

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Weird Weather and Long Bike Ride

This morning we all went to Babbitt for a few garage sales and then for a bike ride on the paved trail. There wasn’t much good stuff at the garage sales, but afterward we ate lunch and then went to … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Progress

My speedometer now works.  The little rod in the front wheel that turns the square cable wasn’t turning, so I took the front wheel off to see what the problem was.  I was expecting to find a stripped gear, but … Continue reading

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Chick Update

They’re huge. Almost all their fuzz is gone, and they’re really feathered out and starting to look like how they’ll look as adults. They’re very active and fly around their cage. I want to move them out into the garage … Continue reading

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New Sandbox!

There are some old tractor tires out in our field.  Two of them are really big and somebody made them into flower beds a long time ago.  Every time we ride by on the 4 wheeler, I tell Delia that … Continue reading

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Old Pictures

I was just going through some old pictures and found two interesting ones. Look at how much Henry looks like me at around his age! And then I found this:

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Delia and I went to an auction yesterday in Tower. It was one of the biggest I’ve ever been to. I can’t even describe how much stuff this guy had. There were two rings going at once and it still … Continue reading

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