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Summer is really getting into gear now.  This weekend is the Blueberry Arts Festival in Ely, next weekend is the county fair, and there are tons of tourists around (in Ely anyway – we can escape them now going home … Continue reading

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Horse Stalls

We thought we might be boarding a pony for the summer (which ended up not happening) so I put some time in preparing our horse stalls.  One was nice and clean, but two of them had old 10+ year old … Continue reading

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Bear Cub?

The other day Delia and I were out catching tadpoles and we heard what I initially thought was a bird squaking in the woods south of our property.  It kept up and then I started thinking it might not be … Continue reading

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The Power of Advertising

“Daddy, when I grow up, I want Clorox Toilet Wand.”

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Old vs New

Today Emily put one of the older chickens in the younger chickens’ run.  They did okay and no blood was shed, but the old one got a few bites in on the youngins.  The young ones seemed pretty curious about … Continue reading

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Lightning Bugs

The night we saw the bear, Lucy woke me up at 1:30 by barking and howling.  I got up and saw her at the front window, carrying on like…  like…  like there was a bear in the front yard.  There … Continue reading

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Bear Visit

A bear walked around in the back yard yesterday evening.  Delia and I were at my workbench in the store room and saw it walk by about 20 feet from the window.  I ran to get Ryan and he was … Continue reading

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Lightning Bugs!

We have them!  I’ve never seen them around here before, and I have always been a little sad about that.  They aren’t in Florida either, so I figured when I came north, I’d get to see them in the summer … Continue reading

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This is going to be brief and maybe I’ll flesh it out later. I was sick and seriously lacking energy for quite a while which meant that most farm projects and pretty much everything else was put on hold. The … Continue reading

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