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Eck Eck Eck Eck Eck

Henry is fascinated with eggs, or maybe he’s just fascinated by the fact that he can say what they are.  We had some eggs sitting on the counter for the past couple of days, and whenever he saw them, he’d … Continue reading

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Chicken Wrangling

The kids have been great with the chickens.  Delia can easily catch and hold them.  One day Henry saw her do it, and he gave it a try.  He ran up to the white leghorn, who tends to squat down … Continue reading

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Colorful Eggs

Our Ameraucana/Araucana/Easter Eggers are finally laying!  Yesterday Emily found a blue-green egg, and another today.  Now we’re pretty sure they’re all laying.  I watched a Wyandotte lay one, the leghorn has deposited white eggs all over our property (she’s really … Continue reading

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I’ve been working a lot on the coop lately.  It’s getting cold and I really need to get it done.  So far, it’s gone pretty smoothly!  This is the first building I’ve ever built by myself.  I’ve got it completely … Continue reading

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