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Goat Video

The weather was awful today, but it cleared up enough this evening to let them out for a while.

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Introducing The Goats

Banjo: Cosmo: Moon:

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As I begin to write this, we’re traveling North on I-35 in Hinckley with three goats in the back of our Expedition (I usually refer to it by its model name rather than vehicle type because I hate the word … Continue reading

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The plants we planted yesterday don’t look so good, and we don’t know why.  The stems are still looking okay, but the leaves are shriveled and/or brown.  It’s almost like they froze, but it didn’t get below freezing last night.  … Continue reading

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First plants in

Today we planted the first things in the garden. Two tomato plants – a celebrity and something else more heirloomy, can’t remember the name. An orange bell pepper plant. 3 pumpkin plants on one hill.  They say good for jack … Continue reading

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Speed Racer 2

I’ll make a better version of this after I shoot a little more video of him riding, but for now:

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Bedtime musings, by Delia

“Someday, if we ever meet a builder, one that’s better even than Papa, way way way better than Papa, if we meet one like that, I’m going to ask him to build me a dinosaur robot that I can ride.  … Continue reading

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Pinch Yourself

The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect, there’s no big wind.  Geese visit in the pond and honk when we get close.  Cowboy the pony is a pony!  In our yard!  Delia’s building – a stool out of wood, … Continue reading

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Speed Racer

I’m working downstairs today, but each time I’ve gone upstairs, I’ve seen Henry in a different place around the house, cruising around on his 4 wheeler.  We have the turbo hooked up now, and when he kicks it into high-speed … Continue reading

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Delia’s Joke

Cowboy has been tied out in three locations on our lawn, and in those three locations, there’s a perfect circle of short grass from where he ate.  Emily mentioned to Delia about how we wanted to move him around to … Continue reading

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