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Henry actually posed for some pictures today!  Usually he hides his face or runs away.

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Animals Day Out

Brad and the goats spent the day in the pasture today.  We’ve had them in there several times in the past month, but today they really seemed to be comfortable out there.  Sancho chased them a little, but he seems … Continue reading

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New Pictures

We just put up pictures for December through February.  They’re here.

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Dump Shopping

Emily and I went to the dump today, and literally took more than we dumped.  We came home with some good 2×6 boards that will be great for a restraining chute for Brad so we can cut his nails (he’s … Continue reading

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New Yard Cart

A trailer hitch for our old 4 wheelers was a special order item with a price tag of about $50, so I decided to make my own.  It cost me about $6 in parts and allowed me to practice welding. … Continue reading

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Cute Kid Story

I was pushing the kids on the swings yesterday and it occurred to me once again how big and grown up Delia is.  I told her how I couldn’t believe she was so grown up and how she was my … Continue reading

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The weather since we’ve been back has been amazingly warm.  It’s nice that we’re having an early spring, but it cut snowmobiling season short, and I only got one short ride in.  Emily rode with me for the first time … Continue reading

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