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One More Chick

One of our chicks has an eye problem.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but it’s messed up and keeps getting crusty.  I’m applying saline solution to it a few times a day to try to keep it clean, … Continue reading

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This is my brain

Harvi is back with us, and sick. She is having liver trouble, and is jaundiced. I was showing / telling Henry why she was yellowish and how the liver works and also explaining to Ryan that the vet said that … Continue reading

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One Less Cat

A few weeks ago, I posted a flier at the vet clinic about Harvi. She is the only inside female, and we’ve tried a few times to have everyone live together but she just doesn’t fit in with all the … Continue reading

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Six New Chickens

Ryan and the kids picked up six chicks today. On the way home, Delia was holding the box of chicks and said “I want chicken for lunch today.” Henry wants to name two of them Wubbzy – the yellow ones, … Continue reading

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Dis day is good.

Henry just said “Me love dis day. Dis day is good.” How cute is THAT?! What’s amazing about it is that it’s our first day back at home and he hasn’t even asked to play the XBOX. He was talking … Continue reading

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Our chickens have been really prolific as of late.  We have 4 remaining young chickens ( ) and they’re all laying 5-6 eggs a week, and one of the old chickens – probably the black australorp – is laying too! … Continue reading

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Farm Chore Day

I mostly got the stalls mucked out.  They’re really smelly so I’m going to let them dry and air out before I put new bedding in there.  Brad and the goats have been living outside in the pasture for a … Continue reading

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Llama Salon

Brad’s nails had gotten out of control.  They were really long and curled around and it was getting to the point where he was going to be crippled if they weren’t trimmed.  The problem is he’s touchy about his legs, … Continue reading

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The round bales we bought are really tight and it got to be hard to pull hay off as I got in to the center of it.  I worked for a long time with a pick axe and a long … Continue reading

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Farm Girl

Delia can drive the 4 wheeler by herself, and helped me deliver hay to the horses. Click Here

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